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Stewards of the Earth

Chief Oshkosh First Proposed Sustainable Forestry OldForestThe Menominee People have long recognized the need for balance between the environment, community and economy, both for the short term and for future generations. Menominee culture and traditions teach us never to take more resources than are produced within natural cycles so that all life can be sustained. Chief Oshkosh, an early Tribal Chief, proposed the idea of cutting across the reservation at such a rate that there would always be timber ready to cut.

Sustainable Forest ManagementThese traditional beliefs are the foundations of the management practices and principles of today's Menominee Tribal Enterprises (MTE) operations. This concept of sustainability in the management of our forest allows us to experience a traditional quality of life from an intact, diverse, productive and healthy forest ecosystem on the Reservation.

Sustainable forestry has been practiced on the Reservation since 1865, resulting in a forest that is ecologically viable, economically feasible, and socially desirable. In this way the Menominee Forest stands as a monument to the foresight of our ancestors who recognized the bounty they inherited. Today, because they acted as responsible stewards of these resources for future generations, we enjoy, cherish, and are sustained by the resources so wisely planned for and managed by them.

FSC Certification

FSC Forest Stewardship CouncilFSC® Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is awarded to forest management operations that are well-managed in accordance with environmentally and socially responsible guidelines, as elaborated by the FSC Principles and Criteria.

Menominee Tribal Enterprises has long been revered for their Forest Based Sustainable Development Tradition, having initiated many of the forest management principles now recognized by the FSC.

Some of these principles include, but are not limited to, honoring land use rights and responsibilities, enhancing the long-term social and economic well-being of forest workers and local communities, conserving biological diversity while sustaining the ecological functions and the integrity of the forest, and maintaining a long term management plan that incorporates on-going assessments.

FSC certification is a voluntary, market-based system that allows companies to promote their forest products as originating from a well-managed forest. By holding an FSC Forest Management (FM) certificate, Menominee Tribal Enterprises is able to market and sell its products as FSC Certified. The FSC label gives MTE customers the assurance that they are working with the Global Benchmark for Responsible Forest Management.

Award Winning Enterprise

Menominee Tribal Enterprises has won multiple state, national and international awards in the areas of Sustainable Forest Management and innovative environmental stewardship.

Among them are the following acknowledgments:

President's Award for Sustainable Development
Presidential Award1996 - Honored by President Bill Clinton with the President’s Award for Sustainable Development. This honor was given under the auspices of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development.
Forest Stewardship Award
National Hardwood Lumber Association2003 - Received the Forest Stewardship Award from the National Hardwood Lumber Association. 
Outstanding Management of Resources Award
Loggers Award2004 - Given the Outstanding Management of Resources Award by the Northeastern Loggers Association, Inc.
Friend of the Environment
Friend of Environment Award2008 - Received the WI Business - Friend of the Environment award from the Wisconsin Environmental Working Group affiliated with Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce.
Other Recent Awards
Arbor Day AwardCitation State AwardEDA AwardTall Ship Award