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Purchasing cabinets and knowing the quality is important to a customer. They want to spend money on a reliable product, not something that will fall apart. Menominee Tribal Enterprises (MTE) takes pride in their wood products.

Our cabinet-manufacturing experts are committed to excellence. In order to make sure you are receiving top-notch cabinets, consider these questions concerned customers ask.

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Are the cabinet doors made of hardwood?

Hand Sanded Cabinetry

Knowing what your cabinets are made out of determines how sustainable they will be now and in the future. Cabinets should be made to last. Our custom cabinet box is built with plywood, the front made of solid wood. Others use particle board, medium density fiberboard (MDF), or anything that lacks quality and durability.

We are proud of sustainably harvesting lumber from our own Menominee Forest, one of the oldest and most well-managed forests in the world. Choose from one of our several wood species, such as Hard Maple, Oak, Beech, Birch, and Knotty Pine. Continuous usage wears down other woods, however, our wood cabinet suppliers select for quality.

How are your cabinets constructed?

It's important to know exactly how your furniture is made. You expect a sturdy product that doesn’t need to be replaced. Our hardwood cabinets are not simply hammered and nailed together. We focus our energy on producing sustainable cabinets that withstand everyday wear and tear. Simply put, our cabinets are manufactured with dovetail drawer boxes, drawer slides, and headers.

Drawer glides are soft closed, extending fully when completely open. 6-way adjustable soft-closed concealed hinges make the drawers more functional and easy to use. Hardwood is glued and screwed onto the top, while the drawer front is screwed to subfront. Our skillful staff at MTE guarantees top-notch quality cabinets and produces a beautifully finished product.

Do you use any harmful chemicals in sealing your cabinets?

Quality Cabinet Construction

The use of chemicals in producing any wood product can emit a strong odor. Whether you’re purchasing solid wood bathroom, pantry, shoe, or kitchen cabinets, we guarantee an eco-friendly sealant using all natural oils.

Our sealant is a formaldehyde-free NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde) finish, which is a water-based product that emits extremely low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The sealant also follows CARB compliance, as it doesn’t contribute to air pollution.
Other cabinet manufacturers use high VOC chemicals, including formaldehyde. You won’t experience any odors from our cabinets, as we commit ourselves to being ‘Stewards of the Earth’, and we avoid harming our clean air with foreign chemicals.

Our commitment to excellence is our guarantee for your satisfaction. MTE’s experienced cabinet experts raise the bar in solid wood craftsmanship.

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