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Custom Wood Butcher Block Countertops
Beautifully crafted unique butcher's blocks for your home

MTE Millworks builds custom-sized wood butcher blocks, countertops, and cutting boards. We offer a wide range of wood species, styles, and stains so you can find the perfect custom wood product for your residential or commercial kitchen. Our team of experienced craftsmen will custom-size your order to any specification you request, no matter how large or small. Using only the highest standard for millwork and quality custom wood materials, our craftsmen create beautiful pieces that offer a host of benefits to your home or business.

Sustainable Wood Countertops from Wisconsin’s Menominee Tribe

Our handcrafted wood countertops and butcher’s blocks are unmatched in quality and beauty. We produce our custom wood countertops and butcher’s blocks sustainably with material directly from our own Menominee Forest. Using environmentally conscious forest practices to keep the wood healthy and strong for generations to come, MTE Millworks delivers one-of-a-kind custom wood products for any type of kitchen, residential or commercial.

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Custom Sized Butcher Block Countertops & Cutting Boards

MTE Millworks offers custom-sized butcher block countertops and cutting boards. Our team of experienced craftsmen can produce any size custom wood product, from small sections to entire full-service wood kitchen counters. We have installed custom wood butcher block countertops for notable clients such as the Milwaukee Bucks and Habitat for Humanity. Find the perfect wood countertop with MTE Millworks.

Wood Species for Butcher Block CountertopsThe benefits of wood kitchen counter

MTE offers a variety of wood types for butcher’s blocks and countertops alike, including, but not limited to:

Styles and Stains for Wood Countertops

MTE wood specialists will customize any wood stain to achieve the desired color for your butcher block or countertop. The most common stains include:
  1. Natural, to highlight the wood's natural color and grain pattern. Pale stains are suitable for light-colored kitchens and induce a rustic feel.
  2. Dark, to add a rich, elegant color to the wood. Dark stains add a touch of luxury.
  3. Medium, to create a more modern, minimalistic look. Medium stains mix natural, dark and light stains to achieve a unique color. Yellow-based stains add warmth to your kitchen.

Benefits of Wood Kitchen Countertops

Other than being the most affordable kitchen counter option for homeowners, wood counters offer an array of special benefits unmatched by traditional granite or laminate counters. The benefits include:

Edge Grain Butcher Block Countertops

Edge grain shows you the wood cut along the edge and with the grain. An edge grain butcher block is usually made from strips of wood that are lined up evenly or assembled in a pattern that resembles a hardwood floor.

Protective Sealants & Wood Counter FinishesCustom wood table from MTE Millwork

It’s the age-old question for any wood product in your home: do you stain? Do you finish? Do you leave the natural beauty?

We suggest finishing your new counter or butcher’s block with a food protectant seal, like:

We'll ensure your new food cutting surface is safe from staining chemicals.

Other Custom Wood Products from MTE:

Wisconsin’s Most Reputable Wood Countertops

MTE Millwork specializes in wood countertop installation and replacement in the following communities:

*MTE Millwork partners with clients nationwide.

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