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Hand Crafted Wood Products from MTE MillworkMTE Millwork makes custom wood products for residential and commercial use

Pizza Peels are necessary for any restaurant that offers brick-fire or oven pizzas: the aesthetic of serving fresh pizza on a beautifully hand-crafted pizza peel is something any restauranteur needs for their business.

Our customized pizza peels are made from the wood we gather in our sustainable Menominee Forest. Recognized as one of the most well-managed forests in the world, the Menominee Forest in Northern Wisconsin has been sustainably kept for centuries—and provides quality wood like:

Consult with a custom wood product associate from MTE Millwork for more information or to place your individual or wholesale order today.

Why Choose Wood Pizza Peels

Pizza peels are necessary for any pizzeria or restaurant consistently serving pizza: the efficiency and durability of these tools are unmatched by other pizza-making equipment. But when choosing between metal and wood, things can get tricky.

Though metal pizza peels seem like the ideal choice, they act as conduits for heat and can be dangerous to handle after long periods of use with hot ovens—and damage pizza crust due to condensation forming.

The benefits of wood pizza peels include:

Better Insulator: dough sticks less to wood peels because they are less prone to condensation and retain heat better for sliding raw dough on and off.

Handy Cutting Board: when sliding fresh pizza from the oven to the counter, a wood peel can act as the cutting board, shortening the transfer process.


Give your whole dining experience the wonderful feel of the outdoors with our sustainable wood products:

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