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Wooden Baseboard Mouldings for Architects and ContractorsWooden Baseboard Profiles

Locally Sourced Architectural Millwork

MTE Mill working creates a high-quality wood baseboard to cover the joint meeting between the wall and floor of residential homes and commercial buildings. Wooden baseboards are a healthy, durable, and elegant alternative to plastic or polyvinyl baseboards. MTE Millwork provides a responsibly sourced wood skirting board with water-based stains and glues free from urea-formaldehyde.

With many options available, our wood baseboards can easily be matched with existing wood cabinetry, window casings, furniture, or picture frames.

Baseboard and Mopboard Varieties Available at MTE:

The wood milling experts at MTE offer moulded baseboards in several styles, profiles, and wood types. The ranch-style is an understated and flexible design, which fits well in nearly any home or business. The colonial design elevates the style with additional bevels for a more ornate look.

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Baseboard Wood Types

We sell baseboard mouldings made from sustainably harvested wood from our Menominee forest. Sustainable wood types available include:

Hard Maple Wood Texture

Hard Maple

Red Oak Texture

Red Oak

Beech Wood Texture


Yellow Birch Texture

Yellow Birch

Knotty Pine Wood

Knotty Pine

Black Ash Wood

Black Ash

Wood Base Stains Available

All stain types available from MTE are water-based, and all pre-finishes are ultra-low VOC, making our mouldings the healthiest options available. 

Stain colors available include:

We also offer painted options in ultrapure white or western white, which is slightly off-white.

Advantages of Wooden Baseboard from MTE

Besides offering improved aesthetics, wooden baseboards tend to collect less mold and mildew than vinyl. Wood baseboards can also be removed easily in the event of a remodel, without having to scrape the adhesive off walls and floors. Wood cleans easily with warm water and is a natural alternative to hazardous PVC materials.


Give your house a wonderful log cabin feel with these other wood pieces we offer:

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