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Menominee Tribal Enterprises are Stewards of the EarthSustainable Forestry

The Menominee People have long recognized the need for balance between the environment, community and economy; both for the short term and for future generations. Menominee culture and traditions teach us never to take more resources than are produced within natural cycles so that all life can be sustained. Chief Oshkosh, an early Tribal Chief, proposed the idea of cutting across the reservation at such a rate that there would always be timber ready to cut.

These traditional beliefs are the foundations of the management practices and principles of today's Menominee Tribal Enterprises (MTE) operations. This concept of sustainability in the management of our forest allows us to experience a traditional quality of life from an intact, diverse, productive and healthy forest ecosystem on the Reservation.

Excellence in Forestry Management

Sustainable forestry has been practiced on the Reservation since 1865, resulting in a forest that is ecologically viable, economically feasible, and socially desirable. In this way the Menominee Forest stands as a monument to the foresight of our ancestors who recognized the bounty they inherited. Today, because they acted as responsible stewards of these resources for future generations, we enjoy, cherish, and are sustained by the resources so wisely planned for and managed by them.

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