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Explore MTE's Wooden Table Tops For Anywhere Food is Served

Crafted to heirloom-quality standards, our individually made table tops enhance your dining space while standing up to daily wear and tear. MTE's Custom Restaurant Table Tops are meticulously crafted, creating timeless pieces that elevate your restaurant's ambiance. Our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship ensures each table top is a unique masterpiece, setting your dining space apart with its charm and durability.


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Premium Wood Materials for Restaurant Table Tops

Choose from sustainably sourced wood types like Hard Maple, Red Oak, Beech, Yellow Birch, Knotty Pine, and Black Ash. Our array of materials extends beyond wood, offering metal and hard-wearing synthetics, allowing you to curate the perfect ambiance that complements your restaurant's distinctive style. Our collection caters to diverse preferences, offering options for rustic wood charm, sturdy metal durability, or hard-wearing synthetics to complement your restaurant's style seamlessly.


Custom Commercial Table Tops

Our custom table tops come in various sizes, accommodating diverse seating arrangements. Whether you run a cozy cafe or an upscale dining establishment, we provide options for intimate two-tops and spacious round or rectangular designs seating up to eight. We offer versatility of options, tailored to meet the specific needs of your restaurant. From intimate two-tops for cozy corners to expansive round and rectangular options accommodating up to eight, our custom restaurant table tops ensure a seamless fit for your unique space, creating an inviting and comfortable dining experience.


Durable Table Tops for Everyday Use

Every MTE tabletop undergoes careful craftsmanship, ensuring a resilient and low-maintenance surface that stands the test of time. Whether enduring busy lunch rushes or hosting elegant evening dinners, MTE's commitment to quality materials guarantees your investment remains as captivating and functional as the day it was crafted. Quality materials and precision manufacturing guarantee that your investment in MTE's custom restaurant table tops is one of enduring durability and lasting aesthetic appeal.


Common Types of Wooden Restaurant Tabletops

Type of Wooden Table TopMaterial and ConstructionAesthetic and FeaturesIdeal For
Solid Wood Table Tops Crafted from a single, solid piece of wood. Natural grains and textures showcase the beauty of the wood. Classic and rustic-themed restaurants seeking authenticity.
Butcher Block Table Tops Made from thick, wooden strips glued together. Sturdy and ideal for cutting and chopping. Casual diners, cafes, or establishments with a farmhouse aesthetic.
Reclaimed Wood Table Tops Repurposed from salvaged wood, giving a vintage and eco-friendly vibe. Unique imperfections and marks tell a story of the wood's previous life. Eco-conscious and trendy restaurants aiming for a rustic or industrial look.
Veneer Wood Table Tops Thin layers of high-quality wood bonded to a sturdy base. Cost-effective while providing the appearance of solid wood. Budget-conscious establishments that desire a wood-like aesthetic.
Distressed Wood Table Tops Purposefully aged or weathered appearance. Adds character and a vintage charm to the dining space. Restaurants aiming for a shabby-chic or antique ambiance.
Live Edge Wood Table Tops Retains the natural, irregular edge of the wood slab. Showcases the raw beauty and organic feel of the wood. Contemporary or nature-inspired restaurants looking for a unique touch.


Why Choose MTE?

Count on MTE for exceptional service from initial consultation to final delivery. Our competitive pricing ensures you receive premium quality and value for your investment. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we make the process seamless, so you can focus on what matters most – your restaurant. Tailored designs, enduring durability, and competitive pricing make MTE the clear choice for those seeking functional and elegant table tops. Choose us to experience a seamless blend of superior quality and affordability, elevating your space with lasting functionality and timeless appeal.

Wisconsin's Best Wood Restaurant Table Tops

Elevate your dining experience with MTE's Custom Restaurant Table Tops. Our collection boasts an array of custom-crafted wooden table tops that cater to diverse preferences and design requirements. With a commitment to quality and customization, choosing MTE Millwork means elevating your spaces with table tops that seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal and durability. We proudly serve a wide range of cities throughout Wisconsin, including:

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