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MTE Millwork specializes in crafting custom wood cornices for windows and ceilings in Southeast Wisconsin. Our focus is creating elegant, personalized wood mouldings that bring sophistication and individuality to your interiors. We collaborate with you to ensure each wood cornice perfectly complements your unique style.

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Selecting Wood for Custom Cornices

For custom wood cornices, several factors such as wood density, workability and appearance come into play during material selection. White Ash, Aspen (Bigtooth and Quaking), Basswood, Beech, Eastern White Pine, Hard Maple, Soft Maple and Yellow Birch are the best wood for custom wood cornices due to their workability and finish qualities. Each wood species has its characteristics. The final choice depends on specific preferences for appearance, availability and budget.

White Ash, Hard Maple, Soft Maple and Yellow Birch are known for their fine grain and ability to take stains and finishes well. Aspen and Basswood are softer woods that are easy to work with but may be more prone to dents and scratches. Eastern White Pine has a distinctive grain pattern and is lighter in weight.

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The Best Wood For Custom Wood Cornices

White Ash, Aspen (Bigtooth and Quaking), Basswood, Beech, Eastern White Pine, Hard Maple, Soft Maple and Yellow Birch are the best wood for custom wood cornices. We’re happy to assist you in your material selection!

  1. White Ash: White Ash is known for its pale color and straight grain. White Ash's fine grain and neutral color make it a versatile choice for various design styles. It takes stains and finishes well, allowing for customization to suit your aesthetic preferences.
  2. Aspen (Bigtooth and Quaking): Aspen is a light-colored wood with a straight, even grain. Aspen's light color and smooth grain contribute to a clean and modern look. It's relatively easy to work with, making it suitable for custom designs.
  3. Basswood: Basswood is a light-colored, fine-grained wood. Why it's a good choice: Basswood's fine grain allows for intricate detailing, making it an excellent choice for custom designs. It's also lightweight and easy to work with.
  4. Beech: Beech has a pale cream color and a straight, fine grain. Why it's a good choice: Beech's tight grain pattern gives it a smooth appearance and its hardness makes it durable. It takes stains and finishes well, providing customization options.
  5. Eastern White Pine: Eastern White Pine has a light color with a distinctive grain pattern. Why it's a good choice: The unique grain pattern of Eastern White Pine adds visual interest. Its lighter weight makes it suitable for larger cornices without sacrificing structural integrity.
  6. Hard Maple: Hard Maple has a light, uniform color and a fine, even grain. Why it's a good choice: Hard Maple's density and fine grain make it a durable option. It's also receptive to stains and finishes, offering customization possibilities.
  7. Soft Maple: Soft Maple has a similar appearance to Hard Maple but is less dense. Why it's a good choice: Soft Maple is easier to work with due to its softer nature while still providing a refined look. It finishes well, offering versatility in design.
  8. Yellow Birch: Yellow Birch has a pale yellowish color with a fine, even grain. Why it's a good choice: Yellow Birch's fine grain and resistance to splitting make it a reliable choice. It takes stains and finishes uniformly, allowing for a consistent appearance.

Where to Install Custom Wood Cornices

Install our handcrafted cornices in different settings, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining areas, offices or commercial spaces.

Work With MTE Millwork: Our Sustainable Efforts

Choose MTE Millwork for your custom wood cornices and enjoy the perfect blend of craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal and sustainability. Our commitment to responsible forestry practices ensures that the wood used in crafting your cornices is sourced responsibly. With a wide selection of wood species harvested from approximately 235,000 acres of forest land, MTE Millwork provides diverse design possibilities.

MTE Millwork is a custom wood cornice manufacturer serving Wauwatosa, Oshkosh, Eau Claire, Waukesha, Janesville, La Crosse, Appleton, Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay and the surrounding Southeastern Wisconsin communities!
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